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  • Tesla and Autonomous Driving: What is Autopilot?

    Over the years, the vehicles we rely on each day have grown increasingly more impressive, thanks to safety-enhancing advances in cameras, GPS, and more. As automobile manufacturers continue to search for solutions that might make vehicles easier to drive, and less dangerous on the roads, there’s been a huge surge in research around the concept […] More

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    AI in Context: What Is Contextual Awareness?

    Over the last few years, we’ve seen some astronomical developments in the fields of deep learning and artificial intelligence. Pioneering technologies like self-driving cars and natural language processing are set to transform the ways we live our lives, interact with companies, and even perform basic tasks. Whether it’s changing the way that businesses run or […] More

  • Do You Need a Lawyer or an AI Bot?

    The research suggests that the right technology in the legal sector could actually help to solve common problems that professionals face. Take a read of this view on AI and the Legal system More

  • What is Machine Learning? What Does It Mean to You?

    The concept of machine learning isn’t new – it’s been around for decades, ever since a man called Arthur Samuel made a discovery in 1959. Arthur realised that instead of teaching complicated lessons so that they can complete tasks, there could be a way to teach a machine to learn for itself. More