Introducing Immortal AI: Funeral Parlour Hopes to Upload Human Consciousness into Bots

Scientists Explore “Black Mirror” AI Project

We all love creeping ourselves out over the potential of artificial intelligence with movies and shows like the Netflix series “Black Mirror” – but how would you feel if some of those storylines entered the real world?

Swedish scientists are exploring the idea that AI could be part of the creation of “fully conscious” clones of individuals that pass away. A funeral agency in Sweden (“Phoenix”) is currently searching for volunteers willing to donate dead relatives to the study. Scientists involved want to create replicas that look exactly like friends and family members who have passed away and load that person’s consciousness into the bots.

If all this sounds familiar, then it’s probably because you saw it on an episode of Black Mirror – where a woman purchases an AI version of her dead partner.

Can AI Bring People Back to Life?

The scientists involved with the project are hoping to develop AI systems that allow the robots to complete sophisticated tasks. As strange as the whole concept sounds, it’s essentially paving the way for digital immortality – and it’s not the first time that scientists have looked at AI to help people live forever.

Dr. Michio Kaku has encountered some controversy recently over his suggestion that human beings may be able to “upload” their minds into machines – allowing people to speak to their loved ones after they die. This would create machines that have all the personality and memories of the deceased. Apparently, some people believe that it’s only a matter of time before these technologies are fully implemented.

In fact, Dr. Kaku isn’t the only one exploring the possibilities of harnessed memories. Elon Musk has also launched his own company dedicated to this concept. “Neuralink” is in the process of creating neural lace technology which implants tiny electrodes into the brain – allowing for the download and upload of thoughts.

The Problems with Immortal AI

Elon Musk has aired his concerns about the power of AI in the past. About Neuralink, he’s been quoted as saying that if people can effectively “merge” with AI, they can become an AI-human symbiote of themselves. This means that we’d worry less about creating an evil AI because AI would be a collective.

Futurist Dr. Pearson has also suggested that human beings may be close to achieving immortality in various ways. He believes that by 2050, this solution will only be available for the very rich, but in 2060, the working-class might be able to afford the same treatment. Dr. Pearson believes that the advancements in new androids – such as the creation of sexual gratification robots, has helped to progress the possibility of downloading human minds into machines.

It may be that we don’t immediately jump into a robot version of ourselves when injuries and illnesses emerge. However, human beings may soon be able to link their minds to the cloud, and effectively unlock a world of information. From there, the connection between people and robots will become more significant than ever.

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