Singularity is Coming, But When’s the Due Date?

The “Father of AI” Predicts a Lengthy Wait for Singularity

Experts in Artificial Intelligence claim that “singularity” is coming. In other words, we’re looking towards a day where machines can truly be smarter than humans. However, while this day may well be on the horizon, there’s some controversy around when singularity will occur. For instance, Ray Kurzweil believes that we’re looking at a date around 2045, while Patrick Winston of MIT feels it will be closer to 2040.

Chief Scientists, and Co-Founder of NNAISENSE, Jurgen Schmidhuber, known to some as the “father of artificial intelligence” is convinced that we’re on track to a new kind of AI. He believes that it’s around 30 years away, providing that we continue down the path that we’re on today. According to Jurgen, we’re well on the route to computers that have just as many pathways and connections as the human brain, but these computers will be able to process information much faster.

The Rise of Singularity

Fast-paced computer processing is only the beginning of what singularity could mean to the technology world. If Schmidhuber is to be believed, we’re already on the road to some incredible new innovations. For instance, he believes that we could create cost-effective small machines that are smarter than humans, and capable of computing as much data host of human brains. According to Jurgen: “There’s no doubt in my mind that AIs are going to become super smart.”

Regardless of how you feel about artificial intelligence and the potential it brings to the marketplace, it’s worth noting that we’re currently facing several difficult challenges across the planet, from issues with housing, to global warming. Incredibly intelligent machines could give us the resources we need to successfully respond to these issues, before they cause irreversible damage to our world.

While this innovation is clearly exciting for Jurgen, he feels that it’s nothing compared to the development of true “superintelligences”.

A New Form of Life on Earth

To Schmidhuber, the rise of superintelligent artificial beings is something that can’t be overlooked. The rise of these new machines would create a brand-new lifeform and transform the world we live in for good.

Jurgen compares the rise of singularity with the chemical evolution that led to the creation of life 3.5 billion years ago. To him, the only difference is that while humans came from chemistry, artificial intelligence will emerge from technology.

Like any lifeform, it’s difficult to predict exactly what will happen to create the bridge between a powerful machine and the birth of artificial life, but the father of artificial intelligence is already looking forward to a possible due date. Regardless of when singularity comes, it seems that the overwhelming believe is that it is officially on its way.

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