What is the Microsoft “Technology Adoption Program?”

Introducing Microsoft “TAP” – (it’ been around for 10 years +)

You don’t have to be a digital enthusiast to know that the technology world is moving at a faster pace today than ever before. Companies across the world are searching for new ways that they can stay agile in an era of digital transformation, where new and improved solutions for growth are constantly entering the market in the form of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing.

To make growth easier for modern businesses, Microsoft has deployed their “Technology Adoption Program” alongside a “Rapid Deployment Program” to help them remain agile in their search for better technology. The schemes are designed to help Microsoft get feedback as quickly and reliably as possible on new products in their portfolio, and product updates as they emerge in the marketplace. Additionally, TAP also helps to give customers an insight into what Microsoft is doing in the marketplace to compete with other AI experts like Google, Amazon, and so on.

How Do Companies Get Involved in Microsoft TAP?

The chance to participate in Microsoft TAP comes by invitation only and is offered by someone in the Microsoft sales force team. What’s more, it’s worth noting that you can’t just jump into the TAP program – organisations need to make a real effort to contribute to feedback and testing. This means that many participants are often the larger customers working with Microsoft who have their own account manager.

TAPs are performed in the pre-beta stage and are intended to help Microsoft get early feedback on the features that matter most to customers. On the other hand, RDPs are done at a later stage of the product development cycle to provide reference customers that help Microsoft to successfully launch each product.

The draw of the TAP project for customers is that people who get involved with early adoption programmes will have the opportunity to bring new capabilities in their AI and technology solutions into production with the help of Microsoft.

Participating in Microsoft TAP

As you may be able to imagine, a modern company could potentially gain a significant advantage in their technology initiative for getting involved with TAP. Whether you’re writing software that works alongside Microsoft products, or you’re a consulting company, you can get hours of experience playing with a product before competitors ever have the chance to test it. What’s more, participation also gives organisations more access to Microsoft product teams for early-stage support.

Another bonus of the Microsoft TAP solution is that you’re more likely to get an early reference from Microsoft when new customers are ready for deployment. For Microsoft, the advantages are obvious too. Not only does the company get more information from customers to power their AI solutions, but they also get critical feedback about bugs and features too.

Microsoft can also use case studies and customer deployment examples to convince other customers of the safety of their new products.

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