Befriending the Bots: Bill Gates Claims AI is Good for Society

Artificial Intelligence Could Positively Transform the World

Artificial intelligence is exciting. A machine that can spot illnesses faster and help people to reduce their risk of dying from disease. A bot that transforms your work life, so you can spend less time stressed and more time enjoying life. Even a car that drives you wherever you want to go, safely and securely. The possibilities of AI are astronomical.

However, with these life-changing developments comes a great deal of anxiety. After all, what would it really mean to live in a world where we’re no longer the most intelligent creatures on earth?

Microsoft Billionaire Bill Gates emerged in the media recently to put minds at rest about the worrying aspects of AI. He believes that artificial intelligence can be a friend to society, helping us to produce more goods for less labour.

AI: Another Natural Evolution of Humankind

We’ve seen countless life-changing evolutions over the years, from the creation of the phone to the implementation of the internet. Gates believes that AI is just the latest in a string of technologies designed to make life easier. For instance, he brought agriculture up as an example, stating that we barely used to get enough food from manual farming processes.

However, today, we have better seeds, circumstances, and farming strategies that make obtaining crops easier. Although the displacement of some farmers with technology isn’t always a positive thing, it could have a greater impact on the world overall. What’s more, according to Gates, as productivity increases in some areas, displaced workers could find opportunities to transform and enhance in other spaces throughout the labour market, like teaching, and elderly care.

For Bill, the extra productivity produced by the support of machine learning can be a positive thing – if it’s used in the right way.

Less Work and More Productivity

Gates believes that the development of AI could even mean that professionals in almost any sector may be able to work fewer hours. This could mean that people eventually spend less of their valuable time in the workplace, and more time enjoying life.

The only issue is that it’s going to be hard for the labour market to evolve at a rate that keeps pace with AI. According to Gates, there’s going to be a huge change in society as we know it, as the world struggles to figure out how to distribute benefits and training in a different economy.

The positive view that Gates has issued about the possibilities of AI is a huge opposition to the concerns and warnings about AI that came from another tech billionaire in the market – Elon Musk. Musk is deeply concerned about the future of artificial intelligence, which he claims is vastly more risky than North Korea and may even be a danger to the existence of life on earth.

With a little luck, it will be the positive thinkers that are proven to be right in the years ahead.

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