Artificial Intelligence Isn’t Stealing Careers – It’s Creating Them

The New Tech Jobs Created by AI

For a while now, the technology world has been speculating on what the rise of artificial intelligence could mean to the recruitment sphere. Many nervous job-seekers have been left to wonder whether they may need to battle bots for their chance at a new career. However, it seems that (at least for now), AI isn’t stealing our jobs – but creating new opportunities for those with a passion for tech.

According to Gartner, AI will create no less than 2.3 million new jobs by the time 2020 rolls around. Even if you believe the naysayers that suggest this technology could wipe out 1.8 million positions, there should still be plenty of employment to go around. The question is, what kind of careers can the new generation expect to invest in as we continue through this era of digital transformation?

1.     Bot Trainers

AI training experts or bot trainers aren’t people responsible for taking robots on laps around obstacle courses. Instead, these people will be responsible for giving the machine-learning models of the future the support and information they need to function in their chosen environment. As you may already know, most of today’s artificial intelligence works on neural networks and databases designed to teach machines how to perform in certain circumstances.

Trainers will be the people who curate and implement the right information into networks for bots, to make them as efficient as possible. Aside from teaching AI, trainers may also play a part in some machine maintenance, including error correcting, data cleaning, and system design.

2.     Maintenance or Sustainer Experts

After the people who “set up” the robots of tomorrow, we have the experts responsible for sustaining them. In other words, these experts will be responsible for handling the various threats and fears that exist around artificial intelligence. They’ll make sure that the bots we create continue to serve mankind, and don’t end up ruling over us in a dystopian tech-based future.

Sustainers will set limits for the AI systems that are created, approving and disapproving new tools that enter the marketplace, as well as maintaining the systems that come into being. They’ll be there to ensure that every AI system is compliant with the ethical expectations and regulations we put into place as a society.

3.     Innovators

Finally, there will always be jobs available for those who can push the boundaries of what’s possible and discover new ways to work with technology. As we continue to discover new possibilities in artificial intelligence, innovators will be the people who dissect the way machine learning works and come up with new, safer, and more advanced ways to teach the robots of the future. They’ll help to ensure that the systems we create are beneficial to the world of tomorrow and will also explain to the rest of the world why these machines matter to our community.

The Relationship Between Machine and Man

Ultimately, many experts agree that if we want to continue creating safe, effective solutions in the artificial intelligence world, then we’ll need to preserve the relationship that exists between bots and people.

Just as we need AI to make us more productive, efficient, and effective, AI needs us to teach it how to perform complex tasks, maintain its performance, and ensure that it continues to evolve in the years to come. The future isn’t about bots replacing man but finding a way for both species of intelligence to live together in harmony.

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