AI and The Environment: Could AI Cure Climate Change?

Handling Climate Change with Artificial Intelligence

Climate change is probably the most serious environment issue that human beings must face. The good news is that emerging technology might make it easier for us to save our planet. Machine learning and artificial intelligence have the power to help us better understand our current environment and adapt for the needs of the future.

While concerns have arisen around the safety and potential of artificial intelligence in the past, some scientists are beginning to recognise the various ways in which AI might be able to overcome climate change once and for all.

Climate Change and Big Data

One of the biggest benefits of artificial intelligence is the fact that it can analyse huge amounts of information generated each day by monitors, sensors, and gauges. By evaluating the data provided by the changing conditions of the planet generated by NASA, machines can better interpret how the world is changing.

The more we know about how the world is changing, the more we’ll be able to create a customised solution to our problems. After all, carefully collected data can help us to see our most potent risk zones and vulnerabilities.

Once we’ve begun to figure out where our problems lie, artificial intelligence can then support climate innovators in testing out their environmentally-friendly innovations. For instance, IBM’s “Green Horizon” project analyses environmental data and conducts “what if” tests to examine pollution-eliminating tactics.

Weather Predictions and Green Initiatives

Although we all have our individual parts to play when it comes to reducing greenhouse gas levels and protecting the earth, it’s a good idea to work on making green concepts as easy to adopt as possible. The simpler green initiatives are, the higher adoption rates will be.

Artificial intelligence innovations can make it easier for people to save the planet. For instance, there are already plenty of AI devices like smart thermostats that make it easier for people to conserve important resources.

At the same time, just as artificial intelligence can help us to protect the environment, it can also work to defend us against unexpected environment changes and weather conditions. For instance, there’s been significant progress in companies using machine learning algorithms to predict extreme weather events. The earlier that governments and people can be warned about severe weather issues, the quicker they’ll be able to respond and protect themselves.

Machines can even provide information on how long a storm is likely to last, and how severe it will be. However, artificial intelligence bots can’t yet demonstrate how they arrived at their predictions, which often means that many climate professionals don’t feel comfortable relying on machines alone. However, machine insight can be a powerful way of supplementing human experience.

Using AI to Change the World

It’s safe to suggest that artificial intelligence has a lot to offer the world. The rise of intelligent machines will transform the way that we live, and work for good – and now it could help us to save the planet too.

In a world where climate change problems are growing in severity, artificial intelligence could be the key to understanding and properly implementing the huge amounts of data that we gather about our environment. The faster and more intelligent we can become with the help of AI, the more likely it is that we’ll be able to slow down the damage prompted by climate change.

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